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      2. Worship Planning

        Worship?outlines for the seasons of the church year using?Evangelical Lutheran Worship?as the primary resource.?Each week’s worship orders?include options for Holy Communion and Service of the Word.

        National Worship Conference

        REGISTER TODAY! The 2021 National Worship?Conference is now open for registration. Plan to attend “Disruption & Grace: Learning Edges in Liminal Times,” July 6-7, 2021, online. For more information and to register, visit:?www.nationalworshipconference.org.

        Companion of the Worship Arts

        The Companion of the Worship Arts is an honour conferred in recognition of significant contribution at the national level to the worship life of The Anglican Church of Canada and at the national, synodical, and congregational level to the worship life of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.? It recognizes ongoing inspiration and encouragement to others, together with service to God through worship, spirituality, and the arts.